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"Since using my pillow I receive so many compliments on how nice and neat my hair always looks. I use to hot curl my hair almost every morning before work, but not anymore, I can go a whole week without hot curling my hair because it stays in place during the night without a wrap."

Cheryl O'Brien - Los Angeles, CA

"I like to take long hot baths and use my pillow to rest on. If I try to use a plastic bath pillow it gets my hair wet from sweating. I have two pillows, the other one I use for protecting my hair at night."

B. Thomason - S. Carolina

"I recently cut my hair short and did not know how to style my hair once I left the salon. Since using the pillow my styles last longer and most times until my next salon visit. I love it."

K. Waite - Monrovia, CA

Founder, Gwendolyn Cathey, was inspired to design the patented Divine Satin Hair Pillow to help women across the world look their best when they wake up in the morning.  Ms. Cathey spent months designing the hair pillow making adjustments for comfort, but not compromising quality or workmanship, and made it cost efficient for everyone.
We spend lots of money on our hair, so it makes perfect sense to buy a product designed to protect your hairstyle.  Just think of the money you can save when you miss a hair appointment every now and then because your hairstyle still looks good.

Ladies we desire to look our best during the night, but with our hairstyles we have to come up with innovative ways to sleep without messing up our hair.  Some of you will sleep with your favorite scarf, you know, the one with the hole in it, or the one’s who sleep on their arms to keep from messing up their hair.  The divine satin hair pillow is a scarf and pillow in one that allows you to sleep pretty while it protects your hairstyles.

Wake up looking like the day before!

The divine pillow is uniquely designed to protect your hairstyles while you sleep. Made especially for women with short hair. Women with longer hair also use the pillow for added protection with a satin scarf to protect their wraps and keep their top curls from flattening.

Benefits from using the Satin Pillow

Sleep on your back or sides comfortably
• Protects hair from tangles and hair breakage
• Maintains the moisture in your hair
• Great for traveling and watching TV
• Curls last longer so you don't have to hot curl your hair as much
• Keeps hair smooth on the sides and back
• Protects your up-do's, wraps and short hairstyles longer



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